Roger L. Simon

Ahmadinejad - he's bad and he's back

Kind of reminds you of “Gable’s back and Garson’s got ‘im,” doesn’t it? Anyway, Crazy Ahmad is back with another letter to the American people, to be released later today. [With another Harry Potter?-ed. Spiderman.] Those highbrows at the AP inform us: “Average Iranians were disappointed by the cold response to the May letter, the first official communication between the two countries’ presidents since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.” [Well, they would know, wouldn’t they?-ed. Who better?]

Meanwhile, an interesting debate is taking place on Pajamas, sparked by Paul Belien’s criticism of Ralph Peters’ column skeptical of “Eurabia”. Peters has logged in himself in the comments (alas, with a rather pompous…defensive?… opinion of blogs). Belien has informed me he will reply later in the day. Perhaps they would like to factor in this report.