Roger L. Simon

Dhimmitude at the UN - Israel walks out

From UPI:

Israel’s ambassador walked out on the United Nations session that resulted in a strong call to Israel to end its military operations in the Gaza Strip.

The 192-member General Assembly voted Friday night 156-7, with six abstentions, in favor of the non-binding resolution in an emergency special session.

It’s no surprise that the Islamic nations vote this way. They are hardly democratic and doctrinally racist against Jews (dhimmitude, etc.). But I always wonder about the Europeans. What are they thinking? Of course anyone with an IQ in the proverbial triple-digits knows that Israel pulled out of Gaza unilaterally not very long ago and that since then, virtually non-stop, Palestinians of various “progressive” stripes (Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Fatah) have been lobbing missiles into Israeli territory. What are the Israelis supposed to do? Allow them to continue? If Spain were lobbing missiles into France on a daily basis, it’s likely the Spaniards would be hit with a nuclear attack. The Israelis have been remarkably gentle in their response, if you consider historical comparisons.

So what is the motivation for the Euros? Part of it is certainly a desire to justify their own unconscionable treatment of the Jews during the Holocaust. (The Jews are bad, therefore what we did is not so atrocious… but, of course, it is.) But this hunger to escape responsibility has been augmented of late by an escalating desire to make nice with the Arab and Islamic worlds. And as we know, it’s not just about oil; Europe itself is now increasingly Islamic. As Mark Steyn points out, soon enough several European countries may be living under some version of sharia. At that point, their attitudes toward Israel won’t be subject to debate. They will be written in the Koran.