Roger L. Simon

Rant Alert: Our two major political parties are dreadful

The last few days … the reincarnation of Trent Lott, the rise of Murtha, etc., etc. … have cemented in my mind that anyone who has the remotest confidence in either of our major political parties has cement for brains. Forget the best and the brightest. The leadership of both parties is dominated by an almost willfully constructed collection of the dull, talentless and (often enough) corrupt. Most would be eminently unqualified for a real job that required serious education and, especially, creativityand original thought. Many aren’t even good at public speaking and communicatiing – that baseline second mother’s milk of politics. And here we are at one of the most critical passes in human history with a passel of Third World countries ruled by despots and religious fanatics about to obtain nuclear weapons (if they don’t have them already).

The big secret about the last election is that it didn’t matter who won – both sides stink. I’m serious. Our system is broken given the quality of leaders we have developed. Make fun of third parties, if you will, and tell me they never work, etc., etc., but then tell me, if you will, with a straight face, that the Democratic or Republican parties are doing a job worth preserving. (END OF RANT)