Roger L. Simon

'08 has started: Rudy goes exploring

I had a great time interviewing Chuck Todd of The Hotline a couple of weeks ago. Chuck’s a bright and savvy guy. So I admit my jaw dropped – out of surprise and disappointment – when he opined that Rudy Giuliani would not run for president. The former mayor wouldn’t want the grief from the NY tabs (that scandal thang). Also Chuck thought Giuiliani was too interested in the big bucks to go for the power, even if that power was the most important job on earth.

Well, I’m pleased to say, for now, that Chuck was wrong. Rudy seems to be running. He did the Exploratory Committee thing today. And I’m a happy camper not just because his views most closely represent mine (they do), but because he appears able to lead, a trait few have and one that will be highly necessary, I suspect, in the years to come. He also seems not particularly bound by party and ideological cant (a Freeranger, in the new Pajamas parlance). That’s a good thing to me, although I know “party faithful” are suspcious of that. But I’m suspicious of “party faithful.” And I think, as the years go on, there are going to be more people like me. [You’ve been wrong before.-ed. Not in the last ten minutes.]