Post mortem

A little groggy here after all the action at Arnold HQ last night. Can’t believe I’m actually awake, but I guess I was too hyper to stay asleep. Had to check if PJ had more of our videos up. And it does – the best one yet by Evan Coyne Maloney, Hitchens too is worth a shufty.


Meanwhile, what to say about this election? I am not particularly distressed. Part of this is the inevitability. And, yes, I’m not especially looking forward to Speaker Pelosi. But then I wasn’t especially impressed by Speaker Hastert either (putting it mildly). At this point, I’m wishing the Dems well and hoping they can get some sense in their brains. Maybe all of Hitchens’ optimism about Webb et al will pan out. Who knows? But I do know that if I am right (excuse the pomposity here) and we are at the beginning of frightening historical epic that threatens our civilization, we need everyone to – shall we say – pitch in to help preserve it. Now it’s the Dems turn to exhibit some seriouness. If they waste our and their time in an orgy of recrimination (congressional investigations), they will pay dearly at the ballot next election.

Why did the Bushies lose? I think, mostly, it was a “failure to comunicate.” Yes, the media was aligned against them, but they knew that, didn’t they? They relied on traditional political strategems (get out the vote, etc.) in times that are no longer tradtional.


As for my own political stance. I no longer consider myself a Democrat. And I’m not a Republican. For now (like Arnold and Joe – the big winners yeserday), I’m a “Freeranger.” The only place you can be a radical anymore is in the center.

PS: I’d just like to add my public congratulations (I already did this privately) to my colleagues at Pajamas Media. I think they did great work in their election coverage, particularly the videos, which were a massive experiment using simple digital cameras ($270 Canon A630s). Next time, we’ll be even better, I hope.

UPDATE: This post by Dean Barnett is on the money.


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