Roger L. Simon

A Los Angeles Dilemma - Trying to figure out how to vote

This morning I am headed over to Brentwood to hook up with Bill Bradley to shoot a short video of Arnold voting (if we can). The Governator is scheduled to vote at nine AM. From my house to Brentwood takes a minimum of forty-five minutes on a good day. This won’t be a good day and it’s likely I will run four-square into a media traffic jam. So I’ll probably have to leave the Hollywood Hills long before the polls open. And after Arnold, we have to upload our video, leaving me little time to get all the way home to vote before heading over to the Beverly Hilton to set up Pajamas computers for tonight. (I should have gotten an absentee ballot.) It will be interesting to see how speedy the hotel’s connection is – it’s advertised as the same one the Bev Hilton uses for the Golden Globes. Now it’s being used for the Schwarzenegger campaign party. That’s democracy in Beverly Hills.