Roger L. Simon

Is Kerry the poster child for modern liberalist liberalism?

Let’s see…. billionaire (or nearly) completely out of contact with everyday people, stuck in time (acts if we are still in the Vietnam War when there was a draft – hence his idiotic statement today about staying in school in order to avoid military service), acts as if he has no culpability for the Iraq War (although he voted for it), has virtually no response to Islamic fascism, in fact acts as if it does not exist … I could go on. He’s almost too much of a sitting duck. It’s kind of amazing he was so dumb as not to apologize quickly. (No, it’s not-ed. This guy was not exactly at the top of his class at Yale. No, he wasn’t.] Will this latest Kerry fiasco rescue the Republican Party from a debacle next Tuesday? It just might help, if the Repubs can keep it in the news a few days (and Kerry certainly helped by refusing to apologize). But the Repubs don’t really deserve rescue. This is an election in which both parties deserve to lose.