Intifada in France?

While the USA is deeply involved in our election follies, France appears closer than ever to serious implosion. In his column for Pajamas Media yesterday (“France Prepares 50,000 Riot Police for Muslim Attacks“) Paul Belien of Brussels Journal writes:


On Monday, Le Figaro, the leading center-right newspaper in the country, quoted a confidential report written by the Renseignements Généraux (RG), the French equivalent of the FBI. The 17-page RG report, dated 11 October, states that the root causes of last year’s riots are still in place. The authorities are especially concerned with All Saints Day when “many urban youths are left to their own and have more time to cause unrest.”

These latest “events” as the French term them, are apparently already underway with buses being torched.

As we know, the French used to blame these occurrences on “les jeunes” (youth), a kind of fancy way of saying boys will be boys, I suppose, while ignoring the obvious. But that seems to be changing. Some people there at least seem to be acknowledging they are on the brink of civil war with their growing Islamic minority, even if they do not use the “I” word (unless that stands for immigrant). As Belien writes:


Gangs of immigrant vandals operate in a paramilitary fashion. A spokesman for the French police officers union, himself a policeman, has it that France is in the midst of a “civil war.”

Interestingly, no public official said the union was exaggerating.

Where is this all headed? Intifada in France? It has been explained to me that the word Intifada itself comes from the Arabic for “sloughing off of garbage”. Quell ironie!


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