Roger L. Simon

Berger & fries

I must admit I was surprised myself when Sandy Berger turned up on Fox News the other day opining on the Korean crisis (dissing two Bushes, when everyone… or no one … is open to dissing where the NORKS are concerned) . But I should know never to underestimate the narcissism of public figures – they can’t stand to be out of the limelight, even if they have committed a crime. I’m not sure if this investigation of “Pants” was triggered by this appearance, but it sure caught the attention of a lot of people. He is not exactly the kind of guy you want representing you during election season – or maybe any season. He had been skating by on that repellent Washington noblesse oblige afforded former officials of both parties. No longer. In the Foleygate atmosphere, all gloves are off. Of course what Berger did is vastly more dangerous to the public good than anything even conceived of by poor Foley, not that I have much brief for either man.