Roger L. Simon

Angelides hits the panic button

Watching Phil Angelides on Fox the other night was like watching a one man herd of deer caught in all the headlights on the Santa Monica Freeway simultaneously. Or maybe all the cars streaming out of the USC game, because he was throwing the “Hail Marry Pass” of all time to prevent being swamped by the onrushing Arnold. If elected, our Phil now pledges to pull California troops out of Iraq unilaterally! Good boy, Phil. You win the “nice liberal boy of century medal,” but it ain’t gonna help you win the gubernatorial election one jot. In fact it makes you seem like a fool, preaching to the choir like some clueless lost cause, while your opponent bestrides the political center – where, as everyone knows, elections are won – well, like a weight lifter. And you know he’s not budging. Not our Arnold. [Do you remember one time Angelides was almost even in the polls?-ed. When was that?]

UPDATE: Bill Bradley has the state of play.