Roger L. Simon

Is Bill Clinton in the pay of ABC?

How else to explain the behavior of the normally politically savvy Clinton in trying to suppress ABC’s 9/11 miniseries? He’s only adding millions of viewers for the show, reminding them that while Bin Laden was concocting the World Trade Center catastrophe, our president was playing hide-the-cigar with Monica in the White House corridors. [I thought he was great at multi-tasking.-ed. Sorry. I forgot.] But the blame game for 9/11 is one of the biggest wastes of time imaginable. Nearly everyone on both sides of the aisle was asleep. Or clearly not awake enough. It doesn’t take a commission to figure that out. What we should be focusing on is how people responded after 9/11. The reason I have left the Democratic Party is that most of them seem to want to go back to politics as usual, a weird inversion of the Clinton-Gore theme of “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow.” They seem to be dreaming of the past when everything has changed. And whatever the quality of ABC’s film turns out to be – yes, I suppose I’ll watch – the flick that really interests me is the bit of cinéma verité just released today by Al Qaeda Studios. Filming on location in Scenic Afghanistan, my guess is their resident videographers were hard at work while in the good old USA our two political parties were biting each other’s throats over impeachment. Pathetic when you think about it.

UPDATE: Has ABC caved in to Clinton? Even more pathetic. I thought one of things we were fighting for was free speech. Oh, well…