Roger L. Simon

The Return of Holllywood - not the movies, the dullards

You know it’s a slow news period when Drudge begins to fill up again with news of Hollywood stars, by now the most tedious people on the planet. Billions have babies but we are supposed to be interested in Tom Cruise’s baby. How vulgar. Yesterday it was something again about Madonna. Are people still interested in these creepy self-aggrandizers in the post 9-11 world? Hard to fathom. Even Ben Stein, the perpetual Mortons glad-hander, has turned away. Couric too is part of this celebrity culture that seems from another era. It is not just the anchorwoman thing, outdated as that it is, but the heroine worship implied, so distant from real accomplishment. I guess if I found these people to be in any way fun, I could excuse it. But they’re not.