Roger L. Simon

Tip of the iceberg - new podcast at PJM

Thanks to the genius of Skype, I was able to get three very interesting people on the phone for a podcast this morning – Caroline Glick (in Israel), Cliff May (in DC) and Thomas Lifson (in Berkeley). The subject, not surprisingly, was Reuters. Normally I would like to get a least a little dispute going in these discussions, but these three (and yours truly) share an attitude toward Reuters and how they cover terrorism. Nevertheless, I think the cast is interesting because we had two people (Glick and May) with much on-the-scene journalistic experience in situations where “handlers” rule the roost. Lifson, essentially, provided impetus for the discussion by posing the question “Should Reuters Be Investigated?” at The American Thinker. Have a listen.

UPDATE: And check out Best of the Web today. The WaPo too is swept up in the Hezbollah publicity mill in a true embarrassment.

MORE: Looks as if I spoke or wrote too soon on the Best of the Web. This one was probably not fake.