Roger L. Simon

Real Joe-mentum - Lieberman actually wins

What? Come again, you say. Didn’t Joe Lieberman – the longtime Senator from Connecticut who once ran for Vice-President of the United States – just lose to a businessman named Ned Lamont few of us had ever heard of until about two weeks ago (okay, four weeks)?

Yes, indeed. But as everyone, including Lieberman obviously (because he just officially announced he’s running as an independent), now knows, Joe did much better than predicted in recent polls, which showed him trailing by as much as 13%. He lost by more like three percent. If I were Lamont, I ‘d be afraid. I’d be very afraid. Because the Daily Kos and all his cronies will not be able to help him in the general election. In fact, they will only hurt him. Watch for Lamont to move away from them as if they had avian fllu and watch the Kossites start to turn on Lamont.

But more importantly… and much more excitingly for those of us who are tired of the traditional American political parties… we are going to see someone … in what may well be the most watched election of the year … run as an independent in a major state and quite probably win. Will this be a sea change in American politics? Will we see an end to the dimwitted politics of “My Party Right or Wrong?” Time will tell, but it’s going to be fun to watch.

If you think I’m excited, you’re right. It rarely happens, but this election turned out exactly the way I hoped it would.

UPDATE – MORNING SOBRIETY TEST – In the clear light of day I think I was being a bit effusive last night. There are social issues on which I clearly disagree with Joe Lieberman. Yet still I think his running as an independent is a good thing. Our rigid system needs a solid shaking. And, yes, I think he stands a good chance of winning and, if he does, I hope he declares himself an Independent when he takes his seat back and not become some version of a Democrat or Republican.