Roger L. Simon

King Kofi, dead civilians and the compliant media

Kofi Annan, the man who oversaw possibly the greatest heist in human history, has rushed to judgment of Israel, saying the Israelis “deliberately targeted” the UN outpost in South Lebanon where a couple of UN observers were killed. Needless to say Kofi provided no evidence that the Israelis did this or even any reason why they would want to do such a thing. Facts were never of particular interest to the Secretary General. Why should he start now? Thank whatever deity, we only have a few more months to endure of this dreadful man.

But speaking of facts, just who are those 300 plus innocent “civilians” the Israelis allegedly have killed during their war with Hezbollah? Has anyone in our media cared to investigate or are they just taking their “civilian” status at face value? So far it seems our media do, but perhaps there is more to the story. I attended a talk this evening by my friend Cliff May of the esteemed Foundation for the Defense of Democracy , also attended by several Christian Lebanese. They were quite outspoken during the question period about those “civilians,” implying that in their experience they were virtually all Hezbollah people or their allies, not innocent at all. Those Chrsitian Lebanese seemed quite knowledgable about the subject and the terrain – far more so than any of our MSM reporters. I took their cards and am going to try to get a hold of them tomorrow for a podcast with Pajamas Media/Politics Central. If our MSM doesn’t want to find out what’s happening, we’re just going to have to do it ourselves (and with original sources, not anonymous ones).

UPDATE: Claudia says it’s the UN that is “disproportionate.”

MORE: The Belmont Club (no surprise) has by far the best details on this in or outside the mainstream media.