Roger L. Simon

Kofi's Koffin

For many reasons we know – Oil for Food, pathetic inaction on Darfur, the Durban Festival of Racism, “peacekeeping” sex scandals, persistent bias in favor of fascist states, etc., ad nauseum – the United Nations has fallen deeper and deeper into disrepute. Now – for those same reasons I imagine – Israel has indicated that if peacekeepers are to be installed on their Lebanese border, they must come from NATO, not the UN. Who can blame the Israelis? The last time UN troops were on their Lebanese border, they were all but accomplices to Hezbollah. If NATO does end up doing this job, it will be another – and especially withering – nail in the United Nations’ coffin, driving the organization further into irrelevance. Perhaps we should call the UN Kofi’s Koffin because – although others may have created the original conditions – he, more than anyone, allowed this to happen, a destroyer of dreams.