Roger L. Simon

The best defense is a demented offense

I was trying to be hopeful, but, for the moment at least, it doesn’t look as if the massive security campaign in Baghdad is being successful. What do you do to defend against suicide bombers? Islamic fascism is a more terrifiying enemy (vastly, to me) than communism because it never can be proven wrong. Communism advertised itself as an economic system and was subject to judgment in that regard. Islamism is divine truth. Only when people can be interviewed from beyond the grave will it really be subject to review by its adherents. Chilling. And with this war being fought first and foremost in the court of public opinion, it only takes a few of these lunatics to disrupt the image of progress.

UPDATE: It is interesting that the number killed has been reduced for the moment to 17 (from 21) earlier. As Charlie (Colorado) notes below, the Associated Press has consistently sided with the enemy and are not to be trusted.