Roger L. Simon

Zarkawi is dead - goodbye, good riddance, you human nightmare!

Pajamas has a great wrap-up of blog opinion. Already included – a podcast from Baghdad of Omar of Iraq the Model interviewed by our Richard Fernandez (Wretchard)! Do not miss. To be noted: the Iraqi parliament, on hearing the news, immediately filled those three missing cabinet posts. What a day!


This is a great day for supporters of the War on Terror (really Islamism) but, as everyone knows, a bad day is right around the corner. Still surveying people’s reactions to this event is instructive. When the story of these incredible times is finally written (if it ever is), the more distant view will contain many surprises – about who was really liberal and who conservative and what (if anything) those terms have come to mean anyway, about who really cared about the Iraqis and who cared more for themselves and their own advancement or the advancement of their team, about democracy (its uses and, alas, limitations), but finally about whom you can trust in a foxhole. War cannot be pretty and many retreat at the first (or second) sign of blood. Increasingly, we know who they are.

AND ONE OTHER THING: If I were Bin Laden and Zawahiri, I’d be tightening up my already draconian security. One leader being ratted out could start a stampede.

AN EXAMPLE of what I mean about foxholes is here. It’s clear that not-so-deep-down Tim Russert doesn’t want us to succeed in Iraq. Reason: it wasn’t his team that advocated it. How completely pathetic is that!

MORE: I have been watching the White House press conference with Tony Snow and am more convinced than ever that Snow may be Bush’s best (and most important) appointment. Snow is superb at handling his media colleagues (suggesting his IQ is a bit higher). Good thing too. Given that the War on Terror exists more than anywhere in the realm of propaganda, the role of the Press Secretary is almost as crucial as the Defense Secretary.