Roger L. Simon

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It has many interesting posts, including this one from Dr.Judith Klinghoffer of Rutgers – MSM Helps Iran Cover Up Growing Unrest.

MORE: And speaking of Iran, don’t miss this report over on PJ.

ALSO there’s this bad news for the Stock Market on Monday. My guess on this is counter-intuitive, however. This propagandistic public oil blather from Khamenei may actually be a signal the Mad Mullahs are about to talk (in private). For a while, anyway. We’ll see.

The conventional wisdom is that the Iraq War has failed. Take a step backwards and you will see that from the Mullah’s perspective it may actually be the reverse. Iraq has a very fledgling democracy after only three years (a mighty small timeframe to the Mullahs) and, worse yet, the US has a humungous air base minutes from their territory. Failure? (I know – the editorial board of the NYT would be shocked. But they have their own business interests to protect, just as the Mullahs do.)