Roger L. Simon

The Disgraceful Behavior of Shock Magazine

Michael Yon is suing the French magazine Shock for stealing his copyrighted photo for the cover of Shock’s recent issue comparing Iraq to Vietnam. [Can’t they think of something fresher than that?-ed. Evidently not.] This is, of course, nothing less than theft and I hope Yon succeeds in his suit. In fact, I hope this one goes to trial and Shock is put out of business as an example to other publications who would consider stealing someone’s intellectual porperty. If I were Shock’s owners – HFM, also the owners of American Photo, Boating, Car and Driver, Cycle World, ELLE and Metropolitan Home, among many other reputable publications – I would be very anxious to disassociate myself from these thugs at Shock. And as as a former president of the West Coast branch of PEN, I call upon the international writers’ organization to support Yon in his suit. It affects us all.

UPDATE: HFM also owns Hachette Photos. In this case, sauce for the goose is obviously not sauce for the gander.