Roger L. Simon

Good news for Arnold

The new poll released by the LAT today shows Phil Angelides pulling even with Steve Westly (with Westly “stagnating”) in the race for Democractic nomination for the California governorship. The primary is ten days off. It’s hard to know how these things happen, since as far as I can tell the public is about as interested in this contest as in Ben Affleck’s last movie. 28% of the voters are undecided, I think, because they never heard of either of these guys and could care less. One of the outgrowths of having Reagan, Schwarzenegger and, yes, Jerry Brown in the governorship hereabouts is that we are used to flashy, charismatic figures. (Grey Davis didn’t stand a chance in that crowd.) Anyway this is certainly good news for Schwarzenegger who, the same poll shows, is neck and neck with Angelides but trails Westly by ten points. No surprise there. Angelides is just the kind of tired party hack Arnold will eat for lunch in the general election. Westly, at least, seems awake. As a registered Democrat, maybe I’ll go vote for him, just to keep things interesting. [I better go warn Angelides.-ed. Yes, do that. Who’re you going to vote for in the general?-ed. Arnold, probably…not that I think he’s done that great a job… but to see the reaction at the LATimes if he gets reelected. I’d vote for Boss Tweed for that.]