Roger L. Simon

Profile in Courage - Blair keeps on keepin' on

I remain a tremendous admirer of Tony Blair. In the face of even more opposition in his own country than we have here, he keeps his eye on the democratic ball:

“This is a child of democracy struggling to be born,” Blair said in a speech at Georgetown University. “Surely we must all accept this as a genuine attempt,” he said, urging the world community to take on the role of midwife.

“If Iraqis can show their faith in democracy by voting for it, shouldn’t we show ours by supporting them?” Blair asked.

“The war split the world,” Blair, a rare ally of President Bush in going to war, acknowledged in his speech. “The struggle of Iraqis for democracy should unite them.”

He said he found on a visit to Iraq that its leaders want a democratic state. “They want the rule of law, not violence,” Blair said to a quiet, attentive audience.

Blair is needed now more than ever as the propaganda war is certain to get worse. (NOTE: By linking this I do not in the slightest condone the action by these Marines. I am merely pointing that ugliness on all sides is inevitable in all wars – and that we can look forward to it being exploited in ways that will make us crazy. I use Blair as my personal example of stability.)