Roger L. Simon

Magdi Allam

Maybe it’s a symptom of living in Hollywood, but most of my left-leaning friends are rich. Very rich. They buy expensive (hybrid) cars, live in multi-million dollar homes with servants and “assistants” and take fancy vacations (often in second homes in upscale resorts). My left-wing media friends in New York aren’t so badly off either. Nearly all of them (on both coasts) believe the current global problem is a result of Third World poverty and nothing more. They cannot conceive that it is not about material wealth because so much of life is about just that for them (plus fame, of course).

Egyptian-Italian journalist Magdi Allam, an editor of Corriere della Sera currently visiting Israel to receive an award, sees it differently. An excellent article in Haaretz today details Mr. Allam’s thinking. Among other things he states:

“My goal is to free the West from the nihilism that has spread in its midst, from the lack of values that leads to the growth of radical Islam,” says Allam. “In the face of the threat from radical Islam, the West must be united and formulate a shared value system that sanctifies life and denounces the right to kill.”

In the parlance, read it all. (hat tip: Sheryl)