Roger L. Simon

The Material Girl goes for the money (again)

Mega-snooze, “Kabbalist” Madonna is evidently doing the Bush-Blair-Hitler routine in her new review. This is obviously “good for business” for the Material Girl, as is, I guess, her mock crucifixion (yawn). But how can you push the envelope when the paper’s already sopping wet? How could anyone be interested in her trivial, clichéd nonsense when we’ve already seen the “Piss Christ” (That was banal enough), not to mention a half-dozen fifty year old Bunuel movies? Now if she had any real guts, Madonna would dance around on stage as Mohammed in drag. Don’t hold your breath, however. Was this supposed freethinker around for the Danish Cartoons protest? Of course not. Why should she clutter her head with things that have nothing to do with money?

UPDATE: The Material Girl has gotten what she wanted – the Church of England has branded her Cross “offensive.” Ka-ching! Ka-ching! C’mon, Madonna. How about little Mohammed action? Prove us wrong. We don’t think you have the cojones.