Roger L. Simon

Conferences R Us

This seems to be my week for conferences. In fact, I have managed to avoid such events for most of my life, but here I am perpetually walking around with a funny name card hanging around my neck … this one branded by our friends at Yahoo (should I make a China protest?)… for Syndicate (with a long A) – The Premier Event for Content Syndication Trends. Who’s to argue? Many of the “usual suspects” are in attendance (see link), including many who were at yesterday’s conference, which ended with a open-bar bang at a place called Coda. The din was so loud no one could hear a word, so we all swilled a beverage of choice and stared at those ubiquitous name cards. Oh, you’re that so-and-so. Let’s exchange cards and talk later. It could have been Japan.

Meanwhile, the buzz word of the day seems to be podcast. As many of you know, we at Pajamas are jumping on the band wagon in a big way because we have a number of people in our aggregation who seem to have talent and experience in that direction – Reynolds, Corn, Cooper, Barone, etc., etc. Not all will be politics, however (although probably most). Suggestions solicited. (Who will have the first show on How to Fix Your Hybrid?)