Roger L. Simon

Back to my day job

Maybe it’s too many martinis – or in the case of Moses Wine, too much hash – but for the first time in a long while I couldn’t resist speculating on the dramatis personae at the “welcoming” speakers’ cocktail party I will be attending tonight for Personal Democracy Forum conference. With the NYTimes’ Matt Bai, the Daily Kos, Townhall’s Mary Ham, NY Attorney General Spitzer, the RNC’s Pat Ruffini, Air America’s Sam Seder, not to mention two Sifry brothers (David and Micah), Joe Trippi and the internet stragetists for Rick Santorum and Harry Reid, all in one room, I think I have the makings of a mystery classic. And the venue…. Someplace called the Tai Ping Showroom. What could be better? I’m not going to reveal the MacGuffin now. Stay tuned. Moses Wine could be back. (No, it won’t be called the New Media Murders – too obvious)