Roger L. Simon


Andrew Marcus, Juliete Ochieng and Roger Simon hit the streets of the downtown LA demonstration this morning (with a videographer) and were immediately engulfed by a gigantic crowd. It is impossible to say how many from our perspectives, but these are the things we can report – they were joyful, they were non-violent (at least as far as we could see) and they were well-organized. A lot of the organization from the downtown demonstration came, alas, from ANSWER and their extremist ilk, but that didn’t stop us from being moved by the demonstrators and their earnest desire to be Americans and to find honest work here. Nevertheless, there were some among them who wanted, unfortunately, the whole enchilada, the return of California to Mexico. But when you interview these people (you will see the results later), you find some are more confused than anything else. For the most part, they just want to work and raise families. They are being exploited by leaders singing a very old and tired song.

Juliette Ochieng and Roger Simon