Roger L. Simon

The Man Who Would Be Indian

It’s hard to believe people are still interested in Chief Smirking Fake (Ward Churchill), but the semi-professor’s fifteen minutes of fame seem to have morphed into more than fifteen months, largely because adversaries like David Horowitz and Sean Hannity are keeping him alive. I suppose Horowitz’s rationale for debating Churchill (at George Washington University the other day) was that the self-described Indian’s propaganda has to be faced down and contradicted in front of gullible students, but my sense is this is a classic case of the cliché that those who lie down with dogs gets fleas. At least Horowitz had the grace to conduct himself like a grown-up (a definite win). By screeching at Churchill in his usual witless fashion, Hannity only served to make the braindead Ward look good. But that’s our Sean.

Of course, Horowitz has another more important rationale. He’s got a book to promote.