Roger L. Simon

The Massachusetts health test

Even with all its myriad complications and imperfections, I am a supporter of universal health insurance. We all have our lists of what constitute basic human rights that should be mandated or provided by the state and medical care is one of mine. So I am glad universal health care is coming into existence in Massachusetts. It will be valuable testing ground for integrating insurance programs with our complex economic system. No doubt there will be horrendous mistakes and, for some, a dimunition in quality of health care. Lines will form, life will be wretched and our own class of Harley Street physicians will evolve for the rich. Such is the nature of bureaucracy. It may also hurt the pace of medical innovation, much of which seems to come from the United States, despite our supposedly backward approach often criticized as inhumane by the Europeans.

Still, I am pleased this is going forward and particularly pleased it is being tested on a state basis first. This is pragmatic and, as Americans, that’s what we’re supposed to be. The proof of whether this works will be… whether this works – not what someone’s pompous opinion might be. And I think we should all remember that most of those who oppose universal health insurance already have health insurance of their own. (And a healthy percentage of them probably didn’t pay for it.)

UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt’s take.