Roger L. Simon

Piaf no more

That French Tourism chief Leon Bertrand is concerned by the new round of événements should be no surprise. “If the crisis continues into high season, it is clear that would cause many problems for us,” he told the AP. After all, the Eiffel Tower has already been closed. What next? Disaffected “youths” will throw stink bombs through the open ceiling in Lasserre? It’s fun to gloat over the problems of the French, since they have such wonderfully “appealing” politicians and they are so generous in their evaluations of les américains (and, yes, I have been guilty of this gloating in the past). But as with Dick Nixon, I’m tired of kicking them around. In the end, I suspect many of us would like to have our dream France back…. Jean Gabin, Arletty, the Resistance. But I am afraid we may not. It may be over, if it ever was there.