Roger L. Simon

The problem with Drudge ...

… as it is with most forms of yellow or yellowish journalism (yes, I read it all the time anyway ) is that their headlines mislead. Tonight’s, on the Israeli election, reads: Israel’s Olmert declares election victory; plans ‘final borders’… But the article says: Olmert said that he hoped that it would still be possible to set a border through negotiations with the Palestinians, but that Israel would act alone if peace efforts remained stalled.

“We are ready to compromise, to give up parts of the beloved Land of Israel … and evacuate, under great pain, Jews living there, in order to create the conditions that will enable you to fulfil your dream and live alongside us,” he said in words addressed to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

In other words, Olmert reached out to Abbas on Kadima’s victory. How the Palestinians respond remains to be seen.