Roger L. Simon

World violence down ...

… except against women, of course. When I read the courageous Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s depressing but, sadly, predictable blog post (didn’t know she was blogging until I saw it on PJM) about “gendercide” against women, I was surprised by this paragraph:

But the world is not becoming more violent – at least, not for men. As the Economist points out, the world is in fact getting measurably more peaceful. The number of wars and civil wars around the globe dropped by 40% between 1992 and 2003. The worst conflicts – those which claim more than 1000 lives – went down by 80%. Between 1991 and 2004, 28 armed conflicts were ignited (or reignited), but 43 of such struggles have been contained or doused.

The worst conflicts went down by 80%? I didn’t know this. I guess I still live in the world according to the New York Times.