Pajamas Media and Power Line meet Senator Dick Durbin at the NSA Hearings

UPDATE: VIdeo now playing. (In Quicktime or Windows)

The following is a rough transcript of an interchange between Paul Mirengoff (covering the hearings for PJ and Power Line) and Senator Durbin at a press conference outside the NSA hearings. This was also apparently on CSPAN and videoed by our man on the scene, Andrew Marcus, so a more accurate transcript will be forthcoming soon. The interchange began after Mirengoff, an attorney, evidently asked a difficult question of the Senator.


Durbin: What outfit are you with?
Mirengoff: Power Line and Pajamas Media.
Durbin: ‘Jamas Media?
Mirengoff: No. Pajamas Media.
Durgin: Oh, Pajamas Media. I’m not familiar with that publication.

[More exchange about Mirengoff’s question. Apparently Durbin didn’t want to answer]

Durbin: I don’t know who you are.
Mirengoff: Well, Dan Rather knows who we are.

[LAUGHTER from the crowd.]

More to follow with video.

UPDATE: Some inaccuracies in the above. As has been noted, Durbin did answer. Full video of this will be available at NSAFiles shortly. [Did I hear Durbin say “Pajamaline”?-ed. Well, it’s a collaboration.]


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