More Trouble in Google Paradise?

The other day I recommended selling Google stock on moral grounds; today maybe it’s more pragmatic than that. From a Hiawatha Bray column in the Boston Globe:


Umbria Inc. a market research firm in Boulder, Colo., that tracks blog postings about businesses, has detected ”a huge peak in activity” related to Google, according to Howard Kaushansky, Umbria chief executive. Kaushansky said a sudden burst of online comments could mean trouble for the world’s leading Internet search service.

Another aspect of the Google controversy I have not seen raised very much is the issue of “modeling.” While our country goes around trumpeting democracy as the keystone of our foreign policy (and our values), our flagship companies (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Cisco) wink slyly and say “just kidding – we really want to make a profit first.” There are a million rationalizations, but that’s what it comes to. The fact that there are work-arounds doesn’t cut if for me. What you do is what you are.



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