Roger L. Simon

The good Hitch and the bad Hitch

Like most of us, Christopher Hitchens has his bad days. Sometimes he goes off with odd, tasteless screeds, such as his attack on Bob Hope for never being funny the day after the comedian died. Not only did this reveal the journalist’s ignorance of film history (didn’t he see The Cat and the Canary?), it also showed his almost compulsive need to shock.

But the good Hitch is as good as it gets and today, while not at top-top form, he is clearly on target with Al-Qaida is Losing:

The conditions for this latest truce are of course impossible as well. All one needs, in order to earn Bin Laden’s mercy, is to give up Afghanistan and Iraq. But this raises a more intriguing question. Why are formerly triumphalist jihadists using the language of “truce” at all? Not very long ago, God was claimed to be on their side and victory certain.

This development, while fairly obvious, is virtually overlooked by our mainstream media.