Roger L. Simon

The (Continuing) Trouble With Harry

Yesterday, while working out at the gym like a good boy, I witnessed this same interview between Harry Belafonte and Wolf Blitzer on the screen above my treadmill. Like so many of my generation, I grew up on Belafonte and loved him. And, an extraordinarily handsome man, he looks amazing at seventy-eight. But I can’t say I was surprised by his idiotic blather comparing Homeland Security to the Gestapo. Alas, we’ve been hearing a lot of that kind of nonsense from Harry over the years, which, I wouldn’t doubt, only hurts the causes he thinks he’s espousing much more than he helps them. It’s all a pathetic game. I blame the press in this [What again?-ed. Yes, again] more than I blame Dotty Harry. Why should this septuagenarian going on octogenarian be more interesting than any other? Because he sang “Day-O”? Now that’s a qualification.