Roger L. Simon

Publius Pundit on El Baradei

Robert Mayer (Publius Pundit) writes of the IAEA’s Mohammed El Baradei’s sudden display of cojones regarding the mullahs in Newsweek:

I’m feeling mixed emotions here. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. Happy that the world’s foremost pacifist has reached a realization, or sad that it had to get this far before it happened.

I respectfully disagree. (Publius is one of my favorite in many ways.) Given El Baradei’s “credentials,” this a huge and important signal not just to Iran (doubt they’ll listen to anything anyway) but to various dithering factions in Europe, even to the Russians and Chinese. The IAEA leader has developed clout through this pacifism – whatever you want to call it. (via Instapundit)