Roger L. Simon

Cardiology Update

Sheryl, Madeleine, Sheryl’s brother Stu and my mother-in-law Anita Longin had dinner last night for Anita’s birthday at Campanile. Others may have a different favorite restaurant in Los Angeles, but this has been Sheryl’s and mine for a long time (we actually got married there – mad foodies that we are). Monday nights are “family night” for which chef owner Mark Peel prepares a prix fixe meal for thirty-five dollars a person without drinks, pretty good these days. These Monday dinners are from many cuisines, but the best ones are often dream versions of traditional American cooking. Last night we had what our waitress described as “the Mercedes of mac and cheese.” Indeed it was with four cheeses (gruyere, Grafton cheddar, chantal and parmesan) and four mushrooms (chanterelle, hedgehog, crimini and one other kind I forgot) all baked with elbow macaroni under breadcrumbs of LaBrea bakery bread. There was also an amazing green bean salad with walnuts and shallot dressing. I’m not going to say how much I ate, but the human being who invented Lipitor deserves the Nobel Prize.