Roger L. Simon

Hinderaker on the money

Power Line’s John Hinderaker is of course correct in his call for a Plame-style investigation of the CIA leak that showed up (yet again) in the New York Times. The Times has become something of a playground/dumping ground for disaffected (and almost always anonymous) intelligence agents. Do they have a special 800 number for Langley, VA?

In fact, you don’t even need the Plame case to wonder what’s going on at our country’s most prominent intelligence agency that many of its employees are spilling their versions of the beans to the press on a regular basis, if not to the NYT, then to the New Yorker. Are these the kinds of intell agents you would trust? Not me. Not for a second. They are also not the kinds of people I would trust to do the nation’s covert business, no matter what rationale or public good they think they are serving in blabbing to reporters. Furthermore, although I have never read a CIA contract, I would be astounded if they were not in complete violation of it through their behavior.

As for the Times, I don’t blame them for publishing these leaks – they’re just trying to make a buck and push their ideological views like any other routine media organization. And I certainly don’t worry people assume something to be true because it was published in the New York Times. That was over long ago.