Roger L. Simon

Politics as religion revisited

Politicians, for the most part, have a vested interest in “my party right or wrong,” but the rest of us probably have the opposite. Society’s interest would seem to lie in the best policy regardless of where it comes from. In the latest case of religous political thinking, the Democrats appear to be about to “rub” Joe Lieberman “out of the roll call,” as Mary Martin used to sing. Of course Lieberman may be as liberal as most of them on social issues, but he isn’t adhering to the party line on foreign policy, so he’s a pariah. No matter that some of us draw a connection between liberal social views and a hawkish foreign policy positon. Such individualistic thinking is not countenanced by the modern political party with its Animal Farmish overtones.

Meanwhile, in my inbox, an advanced reading copy of Michael Mandelbaum’s The Case for Goliath: How American Acts as the World’s Government in the 21st Century. I’m going to have a look at it.