Roger L. Simon

A wake-up call for the reactionary American media

The new poll in Aghanistan which finds 87% of Afghans saying the US-led overthrow of the Taliban was a good thing and 9% a bad thing, not to mention 77% saying Afghanistan is heading a good direction and 6% in a bad one, should be a wake-up call for the reactionary American media. (and I almost never use bold face.)


Because I would bet my house that the figures in Iraq would be much closer to this (not that they are that bad anyway) if our media was not hell-bent on tearing down our actions there. We have been losing the war at home, not the war in Iraq. Of course there will be more dissension in that country from fascist Sunni groups and desperate/psychotic Islamists, but these factions are almost all playing to the world audience. That is their only hope for victory. Meanwhile, in poor, forgotten Afghanistan, immense progress has been made toward democracy (and, yes, yes, there are still poppy fields and war lords and yadda yadda, but grow up. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Or even ten years.)

So my suggestion to the fuddy-duddy progressives mourning 1968 is to live in 2005. Remember what your shrinks told you – live in the now. And one other reminder, just the other day Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri told us that America is failing in Afghanistan. Obviously we’re not. We’re not failing in Iraq either unless you make us. Which side are you on? … Which side are you on?

(via Barcepundit)