Roger L. Simon

The War at Home (Wall Street Division)

Some have said the most important battles in the Iraq War are being fought in the news rooms of New York, Washington and Los Angeles. We are indeed in a propaganda war and our primary target is our fellow citizens. This morning’s post on Pajamas Media has several reminders of this, most noteworthy of which is a link to an AP story that seems to have slipped completely under the wire: Iraq suicide blasts at lowest level in 7 months. Of course you won’t be finding this in the NYT whose lead story at the moment is Profusion of Rebel Groups Helps Them Survive in Iraq (talk about the obvious).

Meanwhile, last night’s Neal Cavuto Show on Fox offered the possibility that Wall Street knows something the New York Times doesn’t – that we are winning the War in Iraq and that accounts for the recent stock market run-up. The holiday bounce is also a (coming) victory bounce. Excuse me for being a little skeptical on that one, but, to be honest, still a tad less skeptical than I am of the constant “cheering for darkness” that goes on in most of our major media. Wall Street often has the ability to predict booms and busts in our economy. Why not this?

UPDATE: Of course, as BizzyBlog points out, 43% of America thinks we’re in a recession.