Roger L. Simon

Mapes Japes

I caught Mary Mapes on the Neal Cavuto Show last night and this is one angry woman. She was out there flogging her new book – Truth and Duty: the Press, the President and the Privilege of Power – which I noticed is at #536 on Amazon, although that’s already down from #475 yesterday. It’s hard to believe anybody is actually buying this thing, unless it’s as a practical joke for friends, but evidently they are. A few anyway. Ms. Mapes still insists the Rather/National Guard forgery was not proven. I guess she means in the sense that OJ was not convicted or, more exactly, no bomb ever fell on Hiroshima.

Still Mapes was out there in denial mode, blaming “conservative bloggers” through clenched teeth. Her body language was rigid and hostile. I imagined she was giving her publicist at St. Martin’s Press nightmares. You wouldn’t want to spend five minutes with this woman, let alone alone the time it would take to read
384 pages. Still, they had to put her out there to earn back her advance. My prediction is that’s not going to happen anyway, but I admire Mapes for trying. If I had done what she had, I wouldn’t have the courage to show my face in public again. [You’re always looking for an excuse to move to San Miguel de Allende.-ed. That would have been it.]