Roger L. Simon

Automobile Insurance in France

Can you imagine what the cost of that is going to be? Don’t even think about it as the bonfire of the horseless carriages continues with 502 vehicles torched last night, up from a previous night’s 463. Meanwhile:

Some 3,000 police fanned out around Paris on Saturday to prevent any attempts to attack high-profile targets such as the Eiffel Tower after a 16th straight night of unrest and arson.

Police were posted in suburban trains and at strategic points around the capital, where public gatherings considered risky were banned until Sunday morning. The ban followed calls for “violent actions” posted on numerous Internet blogs and in text messages on cell phones.

“This is not a rumor,” said National Police Chief Michel Gaudin. The famed Eiffel Tower and Champs-Elysees avenue were among potential targets, he said. “I think one can easily imagine the places where we must be highly vigilant,” he told reporters Saturday.

So the struggle continues, as we used to say in my marxist days. But speaking of Marx, the question remains is this all motivated by economics? Of course, some of it is. We can stipulate that. And, yes, some of it is a reaction to the racisim of French society. But is there more? Would these “youths” really want to assimilate if they were given the proper chance, replete with affirmative action, etc.?