Roger L. Simon

Michael in Italia

One of things some do not know about Brother Ledeen is that he is fluent in Italian and has spent many years there. (Note to the avid: The Niger documents were in French.) Naturally, he maintains contacts in Rome, so it is no surprise that he has been watching carefully as a demonstration in favor of Israel looms in the Eternal City in response to the demented comments by the President of Iran.

The demonstration has been organized by Giuliano Ferrara, the larger-than-life editor of the feisty daily newspaper il Foglio, and the demonstrators will range from members of some Italian Islamic organizations to foreign minister Giancarlo Fini (long a bete noire of America’s “leading” newspapers and networks), just back from a trip to the Middle East.

One startling fact to me: only slightly more than 40,000 Jews in Italy. I wonder how that compares with Encino.