Roger L. Simon

Pajamas Media drafts Pau Gasol... oops, Franco Aleman

…oops, José Guardia, because until now the pseudonymous José was blogging as Franco at Barcepundit, close to the smartest bilingual (English-Spanish) blog on the Internet. All of us got to know it very well during the terror attack on Madrid’s Atocha Station.

So when we were putting together Pajamas Media, trying to figure out how we were going to keep running twenty-four hours a day, it was natural we would pick Franco/José for our Western European Editor to pair with Wretchard/Richard as Australian editor. With our home office in LA, (wo)manned by the fabulous Jill Stewart and the fabulous Hillary Johnson, well, maybe I’ll just stay in New York and drink martinis (dirty, two olives, Ketel One).

Meanwhile, check out José’s profile on the transition site.