Roger L. Simon

The Manolo.... He Does the Pajamas

So many people ask the Roger, “The Roger, is the Manolo going to be part of the Pajamas?” And the Roger, he shakes his head sadly. He does not even know who the Manolo is. Is he this man? Or this man? Or this man who was definitely known as the Manolo to all of the Spain and to the whole world because of the Papa. But he is the dead.

So the Roger he is the disconsolate. To be in the Pajamas you must the sign the contract and to the sign the contract you must be the person. But one day, the Roger he gets the email from the Manolo. The Manolo is in the Malibu! (not that close to the Roger, but not all that far either)

So the Roger invites the shoeman for the lunch at the restaurant of the Hot Tamales in the Santa Monica. The Roger plies the Manolo with the magic liquados, the special carnitas. And the Manolo is in the Pajamas! You can read the Profile! But only the Roger (and several dozen attorneys) knows the true identity of the Manolo.