Roger L. Simon

Out of the Closet and into Pajamas Media

I don’t know what the rest of you think, but I don’t know of any outlet (in our out of the mainstream media) with more original and pertinent things to say over the last couple of years about the global war on terror than The Belmont Club. The man who blogged pseudonymously as Wretchard the Cat was able to make connections that ran from Indonesia to Iraq with the knowing facility of a Graham Greene, but for our time.

When Charles and I were thinking about how to make PJMedia into the serious online news and opinion organization we dreamt of, we thought almost first of Wretchard. We contacted him and immediately he joined us, as if he too were waiting for a way to affiliate and raise the blogosphere to the next level. As you will see from his profile, Wretchard the Cat is Richard Fernandez. He is a young man whose extraordinary background helps explain his brilliant writing.

Richard will be Pajamas’ Australian Editor. That is, he will have the keys to the car and be responsible for our portal content while we sleep here in Los Angeles. Someone else, to be revealed shortly, will be doing the same from Western Europe at different hours.