Roger L. Simon

My pal JPod goes PJ

Speaking of protrait photos – apparently the theme of this blog today – a revelatory photo of my friend and PJ Editorial Board member John Podhoretz is now up with his profile at the PJMedia site. I think it’s revelatory because people have been choosing their own pictures and John wanted to be shown with his daughter. Now what John doesn’t talk about in his profile is what many of us know – that he is the scion of one of America’s most distinguished literary families. Often this can be more of a curse that a benefit. But John has a career that could end up being as distinguished as his parents’. And one reason for that, it seems to me, is the love that goes on between the generations.

But enough of the maudlin. John has some apt words about where we may all be headed:

Thirty years from now, we may say ‘Can you believe 30 years ago there was a group of people called reporters, and they were hired by things called newspapers?’

Go read the rest.