Roger L. Simon

Blair Fingers the Mullahs

Thanks to ex-democrat (mon semblable, mon frère) in the comments for pointing me toward this important AP article – Blair: Iran or Hezbollah Involved in Iraq. Ex-dem is correct that one of the goals of Pajamas Media is to reorder the choices in what news gets emphasized and one of the ways we are going to do it is to listen to readers like him (or her?). Anyway…

LONDON – Prime Minister Tony Blair said Thursday that new explosive devices used against coalition forces in Iraq “lead us either to Iranian elements or to Hezbollah.”

“We cannot be sure,” Blair told a news conference, but “there are certain pieces of information that lead us back to

On Wednesday, Press Association reported that a senior government official said Britain believed Iran’s Revolutionary Guard was supplying explosives technology to insurgents in Iraq that was being used against British soldiers there.

You will be shocked to hear…

Tehran rejected the allegation.

An encouraging subtext to this story is that in the past some have accused the UK of being soft on the Mullahs (for reasons of oil). Not our Tony.